Sunday, April 27, 2008

Caitlin's 2 month checkup

Caitlin went Monday for her 2 month check up and now weighs 13lbs and 1 oz and is 22 1/2 inches long. No wonder I can't get those 3 month onesies to snap anymore :) Thought it was an operator malfunction! Anyway, the doctor says she "looks great." She had been having problems with choking on her formula though. I had already been adding cereal to her bottles to help with that. The doctor suggested adding more cereal to where it is almost a pudding consistency! She also wanted to do a swallow study on Caitlin. She had that done on Thursday and was a true kid about it. While the radiologist was in the room with the other peds specialists doing the study, Caitlin did fine. When the test was over and the speech pathologist said I could feed her the rest of the bottle...she started choking on it! Isn't that the way it usually goes? They were able to see her body movements though and said it looked like reflux - she turns red, coughs, turns her head, tries to cry, and generally gets cranky. The pediatrician called me Friday morning and said that there was no abnormality on the study - yeah, she waited until that was done! She also said it didn't sound like a typical reflux baby. Who knows? We are continuing to give her thickened formula (with some added prunes...yummm) and have elevated the head of her pack-n-play on some of my Karen Kingsbury books! That seems to be working so we'll continue on. She also got her shots at her appt, but did great once I picked her up. Please say a prayer for our family as I go back to work on Wednesday. I have to work four out of five days when I go back - 12 hour shifts! Besides missing Caitlin, I'm going to be exhausted! Lee's mom and dad will be keeping her (along with my parents and sister some days I'm sure) but it isn't the same as my being with her. If you see me at the hospital with tears running down my face, just hand me a tissue! That's all for now.....

Caitlin - 2 months old