Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Supper with the Littles

David and Kim Little came over for supper tonight along with two of their children, Addie and Emily. We all enjoyed pork chops, crockpot macaroni, green beans, rolls, tea, and banana pudding. I enjoyed cooking and will enjoy leftovers tomorrow even more. Caitlin had such a good time playing with Addie and Emily. It was sweet fellowship with our dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

Playdate with Nate

We had a play date today with Nate and his new little sister Josie. The big kids had a good time despite a few tears and cries from Caitlin and a few bonks on the head from Nate! They shared snacks and even toys a time or two. Leah and I had a good time catching up with each other too!

Standing on the couch, which is a no-no. Of course, she looks at me and says "sit down."
Caitlin has had a lot more breathing treatments over the last few weeks due to an asthma exacerbation. She's been on two different breathing medicines plus an antibiotic and a steroid. Thankfully, she's doing much better now and only has to do one breathing treatment a day of her regular medicine. She's a trooper wearing the mask as you can see....and enjoys it most of the time. She turns the machine on and off for us which makes her happy. We usually end of watching mickey mouse to keep her in one place, but sometimes she wanders around and runs out of tubing - which makes for a quick stop!
Wearing her glasses like Mommy does.
Sitting with Daddy during a breathing treatment.
Multi-tasking. Getting nebulizer treatment, apparently in bright sunlight, while feeding her baby with an empty Xopenex vial!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Caitlin in Nov

Playing with her earrings - such a girly girl!
And her crown....
Which she likes to wear as glasses!
Wearing big girl training panties. She's growing up so fast!
Cheesy grin in Daddy's hat.

I went to check on Caitlin before I went to bed the other night and this is how I found her.....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Play date with Grace Mayer

I got together with my cousin Kitty today. We had a play date for her daughter Grace and Caitlin. She stopped by and picked up her niece Camryn to play too. The girls' birthdays are all in February and they will be 1, 2, and 3 this year! We enjoyed all the playing and they were all worn out enough to nap good this afternoon I hope! I managed to keep Caitlin awake on the drive home so her nap wouldn't be shortened. Mama needs a nap too! Enjoy.....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here are a few pictures from our trick or treating tonight. We started out after it quit raining and had a good time. Caitlin did a little of everything - walking, whining for Carey, walking, whining for Alexis, tolerating Mommy carrying her, and reaching for Aunt Carmen when she "broke it" referring to her bracelet and asking her to "fisit peez", which being interpreted is "fix it, please." I'm sure we will all have sore arms tomorrow from carrying her around. Alexis and Carey were a big help with taking Caitlin up to each house. She enjoyed holding her pumpkin bucket at the beginning of our walk, but then it got too heavy for her to hold. I have already raided her bucket since we've been home and had Doritos and skittles for my supper! I'm sure she'll have her fair share so don't go thinking that I've made her suffer :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Visit to the pumpkin patch

Caitlin's boo boo

Caitlin fell down a couple of stairs outside earlier in the week. Here's a quick few photos. You can see that she wasn't in the mood! It's now turned all sorts of colors and her eyelid has been swollen, but she's just fine!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Caitlin multi-tasking

I snapped this picture with my phone on the way to church one Sunday morning. I had put some cheerios in a cup for Caitlin to snack on on the way. Well, she was playing with her toys back there and I heard her just a talking away. I looked in the mirror and realized she had her little Minnie Mouse cell phone up to her ear and was talking to who knows who! She was steadily eating the cheerios with one hand while holding her phone with the other! She must have learned it from her Daddy!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Caitlin in the fridge

Now, let's see what I can get into!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Play date with Grace Mayer

My cousin Kitty and her little girl Grace came over today to play. Grace is almost six months old. Actually she is one day shy....well, actually about three minutes...of being a year less than Caitlin. They had a good time. Grace just watched Caitlin most of the time and Caitlin played and played. Of course, she had to keep giving Grace hugs too. No crying though from either of them. Imagine that - two girls and no crying! Can't say that will happen again. Here are some pictures from our time together.....
Caitlin either holding onto Grace or pinching the fire out of her arm. I can't really tell which, but Grace didn't cry.....so I guess it wasn't that bad. Caitlin kept wanting to sit in Grace's Bumbo seat so I managed to get hers out from upstairs and she loved it. She only used it once when she was Grace's age! And that was because I couldn't squish her fat little legs in there!!!
Hey baby Grace. Caitlin would pick up one of Grace's toys and say "Grace" while handing her the toy.

Kitty and Grace after her bottle. Love that red hair!
Caitlin pointing out Grace's toes or piggies. But Grace is ticklish on her feet and probably didn't appreciate that gesture!
Caitlin was fascinated with the formula container and kept opening and closing the "cup" as she called it. So I went and got hers from when she was on formula.....but, no....that wasn't as good as Grace's. She played with that thing right up until we told them bye!

Caitlin at 17 months

Wearing some glasses that cousin Carey gave her. She's had a blast with this new-to-her toy.
Head full of curly hair in the back.....now if she'd just get some on the top!
Dancing in her pajamas with her babydoll. This girl loves to dance. Must get it from her Daddy 'cause she sure didn't get it from me!
Showing Daddy where her teeth are. She's just about got all her body parts down - eyes, ears, nose, teeth, hair, fingers, toes (or piggies), and belly button! Watch out, she's been known to pull up strangers' shirts to see their bellybuttons......I'm just saying......you've been warned!
Once again with her glasses on.