Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Caitlin standing on her head

Caitlin has decided that this is a funny pose and gets a great reaction from others. She loves to stand on her head and try to look at you between her legs....then she just laughs that infectious laugh that she has. It's adorable!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Caitlin's 1st Birthday party

We celebrated Caitlin's first birthday on Sunday. I can't believe she will be a year old tomorrow. Time sure does fly by. She's walking all over the place now and is surely getting into her fair share of trouble. It breaks my heart to have to get on to her, but she has to learn to obey. She started saying Mama last week, but usually says it when she gets hurt or is tired...otherwise it's dadadadadada! I love it. She has recently discovered pictures - on the mantle, the bookcase, the fridge, the wall, etc. She will find a picture and say hey to whoever is in it. She loves the big bridal portraits of me and Carmen and MawMaw and GaGa's house and the big picture of Papa at CC's house. Her vocabulary consists of Dada, Mama, hey, bye, ball, Papa, and sometimes GaGa. Wonder why the men always come first??? I guess she is a Daddy's girl, GaGa's girl and Papa's girl! We gave her a kitchen for her birthday and she loves it, but loves the box just as much. She has played and played in the box. I should have just asked for a box instead of buying something, huh?

Lee is gearing up for baseball and softball season as well as some basketball. He went to the state tournament in wrestling Saturday and Abbeville won! They were so proud as Abbeville is not known for its wrestling. We are praying that softball will do well this season and are actually going to watch them scrimmage tomorrow. Caitlin loves being out at the field watching the girls. Lee has taken her to a couple of practices already. It will be a busy few months will Lee being gone a lot for games...usually three a week. But the extra money is nice these days!

I'm just working away. We have been extremely busy this year. Seems like we have replaced all the knees, hips, and shoulders in the county. If not, we should be getting close!! At least it's some job security. I could be one of the unfortunate people that are looking for jobs. Just yesterday, I mentioned to a friend that it was a busy day, but everything is better with a positive outlook. I really do love my job and working with my patients. It's the paperwork that drives me crazy. I feel sometimes that my patients don't get the care that they deserve or that I want to give them because I have to focus so much on not signing some form or checking off the wrong box on paper. I know rules have to be followed, but I'd rather just take care of people. In the words of my sister, I choose to be happy! I finished our taxes today and filed them electronically. Thankful to be getting a refund this year instead of having to pay!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sorry for the delay

I know it has been a couple weeks since I've posted anything. We are getting back in the swing of things after Papa died. It seems surreal at times and so real it's overwhelming at other times. Caitlin will be having her first birthday soon and we are looking forward to her party on Sunday. There will surely be pictures posted. She is also walking and even saying Mama! That just started this week. She's so cute staggering around the house. Of course, that means that she gets into much more trouble from her mama. We've been dealing with the yucky winter blues around here - Caitlin's had an ear infection, Lee had the stomach virus, and I have strep throat. Not exactly my idea of fun, but life nonetheless. I have loved the weather over the past couple of days. Caitlin has been out for a couple of walks and continues to love the outdoors. We are anticipating the beginning of softball season as Lee's brother is the coach of Abbeville High School softball. There will be more said of that in the coming couple of months. Anyway, as I sit here in my pj's with a glass of orange juice and Caitlin's napping in her crib, that's all I will write. Until next time.....