Sunday, March 23, 2008


We had our first Easter with little Caitlin this year. She and I went to church this morning for the first time. She did great at church, only crying out when Lee got up to do the announcements. It was hilarious and the whole church laughed. We didn't stage that at all. She was awake the whole service until the invitation. Everyone at church ooh'd and ahh'd over her. I was glad to see them too. We then went to Lee's parents for lunch and my parents for supper. Caitlin was quite cranky by the end of the day, but quickly settled down once we got home and she got in her bed. I guess she's a homebody!

Our new family. Doesn't Lee look handsome??
Caitlin sleeping before we buckled her in for the ride. She wore her big cousin Molly's dress. Molly wore this when she was a baby, seventeen years ago!
CC & Papa getting some love. They each hold her every chance they get.
MawMaw getting her love in too. She always says, "She knows my voice." I give her a hard time about it, but I'm sure she does recognize her voice :)
Aunt Carmen enjoying her new role....loving the babies and sending them home at night!

Caitlin holding her easter egg that Alexis and Carey dyed especially for her. I think she was impressed, don't you?
Alexis doing a great job of keeping things in order once Caitlin spit up all over her. She put her shirt in the washing machine very quickly.

PS Caitlin did the same thing to me a little while later. She wasn't having the best day.
Caitlin seems to be satisfied sitting with Carey.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Caitlin sleeps....

Caitlin does a lot of sleeping these days. And she sleeps anywhere and everywhere.

Sleeping on the couch with her duckie.
Sleeping in the pack-n-play - looking like a little frog!
Sleeping on the couch with Daddy making sure she doesn't move around.
Sleeping on her back - a rare moment!
Sleeping on the couch again. Go Clemson!

Caitlin's cousins

My sister's girls - Alexis is 13 and Carey is 9. They are both playing softball this year.
Lee's niece - Molly is 17 and is planning on going to Clemson next year!
Lee's niece Mary Brian is 14....soon to be 15 and wants a car!
Lee's nephew Timothy is 12 and is our computer expert!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mommy's side of the family

This is Caitlin's grandfather - otherwise known as GaGa.
This is Caitlin's grandmother - otherwise known as MawMaw.
This is my sister Carmen and her husband Jeff.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Daddy's side of the family

This was the day Lee's family met Caitlin.
This is Caitlin's grandmother and grandfather - better known as CC and Papa
Papa was so excited to be able to hold Caitlin all by himself. We are proud of this!
Caitlin's Uncle Tim...can you see the family resemblance???
This is Tim's wife Terri, dressed in her Clemson attire.
This is Caitlin's only living great grandparent. This is CC's mom, better known as Mama Rhetta. She just celebrated her 87th birthday. Happy Birthday!