Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random pictures

Random pictures of life at the Collins household.

Laughing at Daddy.
Got my pj's on and I'm ready for bed!
Daddy and Caitlin both snoozing.
Caitlin was playing in her walker, but kept looking back at her daddy.
My three favorite girls - Alexis, Carey, and Caitlin.

Caitlin in the pool

We took Caitlin for her first dip in the pool at MawMaw and GaGa's house (my parents) and she absolutely loved it. She liked being out of the float better because she could splash. She did want to drink the water, but I wouldn't let her. Being the little girl that she is, she would dip her hand in the water and drink it off her hand, then dip it in again...over and over. It was so funny!

Our little family.
Mommy and Me!
She was so tired when she got out that she fell asleep before we even got her clothes on her!

Caitlin in her high chair

I just recently started putting Caitlin in her high chair to eat. Until now I had been using her bouncy seat. She seems to have adjusted well to this new adventure. Thanks to the McKittrick clan for the high chair!

Gearing up for her first meal here. She loves playing with a spoon.
MMmmmm.... must have been delicious. She's apparently saving some for later :)
Playing with her toys after eating. She played for a little bit while I cleaned up.

Yard sale shopping

My sister and I have been to yard sales recently on the prowl for some clothes and baby items for Caitlin. We have a blast. Here are some of our recent finds...a hat for Caitlin and a walker - notice the big stack of clothes in the background!

Aunt Carmen and Caitlin modeling her stocking hat

You can see how much she loved it!

This was my prize find - a $5 walker in almost brand new condition. Caitlin can't maneuver very well on carpet yet, but loves the kitchen and bathroom. This morning she backed herself all the way into my closet!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

We have teeth!

Yesterday was a not so pretty day here at the Collins household. Well, let me begin. Carmen and I went yard sale shopping from 6am-10am. I am very proud of what all I got for $21 - a walker, an infant swing for outside, a bath seat, 3 peg board puzzles, and 27 items of clothing including six jackets and sweaters. We're racking up on clothes up to size 3T so far I think. Anyway, I was so happy getting the walker. We saw a sign for a yard sale when we were on our way to another so we just pulled in....we don't normally pass up on any yard sale :) I saw the walker when we pulled up. I asked the lady how much and she said five dollars - I said I'll take it! No thinking about that at all. Anyway, very nice morning at the yard sales. And I love spending the time with my sister. We have such a blast and laugh and talk just about the whole time. It is priceless!
You say, where is the not so pretty day? It began when I got home with Caitlin. She hadn't taken a morning nap and was cranky. That continued the rest of the day. I tried everything I could think of to soothe her - books, TV, playing with her, swinging, bouncy seat, walker, outside was too hot, toys, walking around, teethers....nothing worked. We were almost both in tears! She got sleepy and fell asleep one time, but it was 6pm! I went ahead and put her in the bathtub, which she loves. That's where Lee found us when he got home. Caitlin in the tub and me sitting there on the floor. He was wonderful and had stopped to pick up supper because I was in no condition to cook. Daddy took care of Caitlin while I ate and read some of a book. Don't I have the best husband?! She finally went to sleep only to wake up twice during the night - which I just let her cry herself back to sleep. For those of you that think I should have jumped right up out of bed and ran upstairs to pick up my darling Caitlin....I don't think so! She only cried a few minutes and then was back sound asleep.
When she got up this morning, she was drooling and gnawing on things as usual. When she got my finger in her mouth, I discovered that her teeth were in! Yes, two pearly whites on the bottom. Now mind you, she just turned 5 months old yesterday! People kept saying "let her chew on a teething ring" ... well, she's still working on coordinating things in her hand to her mouth. Most of the time my finger is her choice! Anyway, the worst is over I am hoping! Although it never fails - a lady at church this morning, well intentioned, I'm sure! She said, oh, now the teething has started, it will just keep on until they're all in! Hello, does it not occur to you that you are talking with first time parents who haven't slept much lately and have held a screaming baby most of the time. Couldn't you just say, "it will get better from here!" I don't care if you lie, just give me some hope! Moving on...We got up and headed to church this morning after again having no morning nap although she was asleep when I got out of the car. She was fussy during Sunday School so we went to the fellowship hall where she finally fell asleep. She slept through half of the worship service - waking up right as the sermon started. Isn't that usually the case? She played pretty quietly in my lap during the service. Once again, she fell asleep on the way home, but woke up when we got inside. I laid her down for a nap, but she never went to sleep. I scarfed down some lunch and got a present ready for a wedding shower I went to. Caitlin was passed around there and was so sweet to all the ladies. She fell asleep on one lady for about twenty minutes. We then went to the grocery store and she played the whole time. She finally got sleepy about 6. I let her sleep a few minutes, but then I fed her and changed her. She didn't even wake up when I was changing her diaper! Needless to say, she is sleeping soundly upstairs as I write. Hopefully we'll get back on schedule soon. Lee just called and is on his way home from church. I'm off to get supper ready. Thanks for reading about our last two days. ~Lee, Crystal, and Caitlin

Monday, July 14, 2008

Teething troubles

I think Caitlin is teething. Hmmm... What else is there to say? She cries, cries, and cries...doesn't sleep any more...and chews everything she can get to her mouth. It has been a shock to me and Lee because we have been spoiled by our sweet daughter. She hasn't slept for the last three nights and not much napping during the day either. She cried probably two hours before lunchtime today. Although we are trying to soothe her as much as possible, she doesn't want any part of it :) She will look at you and chuckle, then go right into a scream. Some of that is probably her temper too as I don't "jump" as fast or as high as she wants me to! We are prepping up for another long night. I'm sure it will get better eventually - like I said, we have just been spoiled until this point because she has been so good. We're getting some Orajel that might help some. Just keep her in your prayers. Let the drooling continue . . . . .

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A day in the life of Caitlin

Caitlin couldn't see the TV how she was laying so she pushed
herself backwards until she could see! Like daughter like Daddy :)
She no longer likes to lay back in her bouncy seat so she was trying to get out.
My sweet girl growing up so fast!
She loves her fingers and is chewing on them most of the time she is awake.
Sleeping in the swing yesterday. I don't know why she had such a pouty look on her face.

Caitlin playing with her cousin Carey. Aunt Carmen stays close by as sometimes it is hard for Carey to hold Caitlin.
Can you tell?

Caitlin loves laughing at Carey.